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The Carvela Leadership School

since 2020

A Fresh Take on Learning

The Carvela Leadership School is designed to enhance y/our student's current academic programs. Our co-ed and inclusive community provides students with the freedom to explore their passions and build life-long friendships.

At The Carvela Leadership School we.....

  • Have over 100 years of experience helping youth create positive and supportive communities

  • Work with highly trained educators, counselors, and mentors who connect with each student to foster passion and creative problem-solving skills 

  • Focus on consensus decision making so each student has a voice and the ability to create their own experience

  • Fosters a high level of engagement in our students by utilizing our unique and tested model of collaborative programming

.and your student will….

  • Make healthy social and emotional connections with other high school students in a supportive environment

  • Work with our educators and mentors to fulfill their requirements based on our accreditied online learning curriculum

  • Have an active role in creating the type of supportive micro-society they want to be a part of

  • Expand on what they are learning in the classroom to foster new ideas and passions which are supported and encouraged by the community

  • Grow and evolve in ways not possible through remote learning alone

Live. Build. Learn. 

The Carveal Leadership School philosophy

At CLS, we empower young aduts through experiential learning. Our unique programming model emphasizes creativity, exploration, and community building. Our goal is to make a positive impact on each member of our community by building connections to self, others, and the natural world. 

In all that we do, we embrace 5 central ideals:






Unplugged Connection

Project-based Learning



Micah Carvela Upload - 105.jpg

Carvela School Parent, 2020

"Having social interaction with a tight-knit group was really beneficial to our daughter. She learned a lot about social dynamics and how to get along with people she may not be aligned with in thinking and beliefs. She had an amazing time and I'm really happy we were able to give her this opportunity."
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